For more than 90 years, JJH’s approach to success involves teamwork, effective communication, a strong commitment to safety, and the use of innovative technology.

At JJH our company’s success starts with teamwork. We believe that the more cohesion there is among the team, the more successful a project will be. For 90 years we have maintained this commitment to teamwork and will never outgrow this philosophy. Because of our size, if any issues arise during the process JJH can internally align all decision makers and problem solvers to tackle issues before they become a nuisance to the project.

Teamwork and consistent interaction/communication between all parties throughout a project is paramount to its success. JJH personnel work to support each other, their roles, and responsibilities. Each day brings new challenges and issues to be managed and solved. JJH strives to keep a project on schedule, safe, and productive.

We maintain a strong commitment to keep everyone on the job safe. Our safety culture continuously improves to ensure best practice health and safety procedures are performed on all our jobs.

In addition, JJH is supported by advanced technology. Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows JJH to explore a project’s key functional and physical characteristics before it is built. Utilizing BIM creates a more efficient construction approach. We also implement on-site laser scanning to collect data of existing conditions that may not be detected on the drawings to generate more precise information within CAD or 3D models. This advanced technology allows us to build the highest quality product for the client through increased visualization and speed of delivery while reducing costs. It also provides a competitive advantage when it comes to estimating, scheduling, and coordination while allowing easier collaboration with our project stakeholders.