Safety is a prime concern at JJH. It is our policy to provide a healthy and safe place of employment for all employees. A solid safety program, is an essential part of protecting the employees, owner’s employees, subcontractors, the public and others who may occupy or travel through our jobsites. Our team commits to making safety our highest priority and enforces a zero tolerance approach.

Our safety coordinator inspects all jobsites on a regular basis documenting the results in writing and photographs. The safety coordinator is in charge of the Operations/Safety Training meetings, which are mandatory for all office personnel and field superintendents. All Superintendents receive comprehensive training, including OSHA training/certification assisted by Great Lakes Construction Association and the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council, which help maintain a safe jobsite. All subcontractors are required to follow the safety guidelines set by JJH and must have a certificate of insurance filed with JJH prior to starting work at any jobsite.

JJH considers safety a top priority which is evident by the number of Outstanding Safety Record awards received over the years. All JJH personnel, from the president to the field staff, are committed to safe work habits. Even the children of the JJH field and office staff have impacted our safety habits by creating a banner with a signed hand print to remind us all that the reasons to be safe on the job go beyond the job itself.

“Doing the work safely will give you a quality job.”

~ Damon Snyder, Safety Coordinator

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