Charitable Organizations

Joseph J. Henderson & Son, Inc. is an active participant in giving back to the community. We are committed to making a positive difference in the places we work and live by generously supporting not-for-profit charitable organizations.  Community is a large part of the JJH culture. Creating a positive impact is important to both our company and our employees.

Sea Turtle Rescue

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Our construction crew on the Naval Air Station WWTP project in Corpus Christi, TX volunteered their time on a cold and wet day to assist in the rescue of sea turtles. The winter storm that wreaked havoc across Texas also created an unusual temperature drop in the Gulf Coast water leaving sea turtles in a state of cold stun. Cold stun paralyzes the turtle’s flippers and their inability to swim has them float on the water’s surface leaving them vulnerable to predators, boats, and shock.  We are proud of the time and dedication of our staff and all the volunteers who put forth an effort to rescue the sea turtles. Our site safety manager Jonathan Sanchez said it was “a little positivity on a chilly rainy day at the site”.