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  • Location: Great Lakes, IL
  • Contract Value: $7,164,091
  • Owner: NAVFAC, Midwest
  • Architect: Knights Architects
  • Delivery Method: Design-Bid & Design-Bid-Build
  • Award: U.S. Dept. of the Navy Certificate of Appreciation for Exemplary Performance


This project consisted of one building housing two naval training schools, and was built as part of the naval base consolidation plan. The first school, Elevator Training Facility, is utilized by sailors learning how to use, maintain and repair an aircraft carrier elevator. These elevators carry aircraft and equipment within the carrier and up to the aircraft deck. The roof on the high tower of the facility is removable to facilitate the installation of various elevators used on the aircraft carriers. The second school, Airman Apprentice Training Facility, is utilized by non-flying deck personnel. Students are trained in this facility for the actual movement of aircraft, maintenance and fueling, handling, maneuvering and loading of bombs. There are two operational A-16 aircraft and an elevator inside the hangar.